Why Unattainable Perfection Makes Plastic Surgery a Slippery Slope

Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova has spent a little fortune — almost $1 million starting at 2013 — to transform herself into a genuine Barbie Woman. Furthermore, at any rate regarding presentation, the speculation appears to have paid off. She has more than one million devotees on her authority Facebook page. She’s been secured by a portion of the top news sources on the planet, incorporating GQ and In Style. She’s assembled a whole profession — collections and books included — around being the lady who resembles Barbie. By most records, her change could be considered a triumph.


In any case, for each Barbie lady example of overcoming adversity, one didn’t turn out as arranged. In a video titled “I Nearly Died to Look Like Barbie,” Amanda Ahola relates the bosom increase medical procedure that about murdered her. While trying to upgrade her bosoms to measure 30GG, she endured a seizure and expanding in her mind, all while under the blade. The brush with death didn’t stop her, however. Starting at 2017, Ahola was as yet dedicated to accomplishing her fantasy “Barbie Woman” look.


Hollywood has manufactured a worthwhile business around demonstrates devoted to fixing plastic medical procedure botches, similar to the E! System show Botched. The examples of overcoming adversity, the disappointments, and the shocking.


Plastic medical procedure fiascos are the same old thing.



The world is captivated by discussing others’ plastic medical procedure, and how they turned out badly.


We regularly perceive these debacles most among prominent celebs, similar to the ones in this article.



Investigate only a portion of the media backbones whose names have gotten synonymous with plastic medical procedure.

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