Welcome to Split-Depth GIFS, The Coolest New GIF Technology You Need to See to Believe

In all honesty, GIFs have been around for over 30 years — they were first presented by CompuServe in 1987.


Insane, isn’t that so? Since that time, GIFs have become a general type of correspondence on the Internet.


Feeling unbalanced? Utilize the Chrissy Teigen GIF. Having an inclination that your general surroundings is self-destructing and you’re attempting your best to hold everything together? The This Is Fine GIF is at your administration.


In any case, while GIFs themselves have been around since the ’80s, it’s just in the recent years that another sort of GIF has gone ahead the scene.


They’re called part profundity GIFs, and they are essentially enchantment.


We should begin with the essentials. Exactly what precisely is a part profundity GIF?


All things considered, I’m happy you inquired.

Split Depth GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Split-profundity GIFs make a misguided feeling of profundity that fools your mind into seeing three-dimensional development when, actually, you’re seeing a straightforward 2-D video.

Split Depth GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The impact is accomplished by superimposing lines over the first GIF. This makes another plane inside the picture. Fundamentally, your mind thinks the lines are at a similar level as your PC (or telephone) screen, and the genuine development is going on “behind” those lines.

Depth GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The lines can be either even, vertical, calculated, or a mix of every one of the three. Here’s a case of the impact be accomplished with even lines.


When part of the video crosses the lines, your mind deciphers the development as rising up out of your PC screen, and presto! The split-profundity impact makes them jump once more from your screen and resembling a simpleton.

Give me the juice

This one is particularly dubious on the grounds that the lines are really the top and base fringes of the picture. Did it shock you?


You may be asking yourself: How are part profundity GIFs made?

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