TikTok Star With 880,000 Followers Explains How She Earns Money

An understudy who has developed a gigantic after of almost a million on TikTok says she regards her internet based life as low maintenance work, uncovering the amount she makes structure it.


Salina, 22, began on TikTok around four months back, transferring recordings like clockwork when she was on vacation in Japan.


Addressing Business Insider, Salina stated: “It became rapidly, simply building and building. I was getting around 10,000 devotees per day.”



She says that her following is all down to TikTok’s prescribed video screen, where she searches for the kind of thing that is inclining and afterward reproduces it herself.


“I watch a great deal of TikToks to perceive what’s on the ‘for you’ page and what’s slanting,” she clarifies. “That takes different hours for the duration of the day. Making the substance itself can take a couple of moments, to hours, contingent upon how confused the video is.”


Salina has more than 90,000 devotees on TikTok at the hour of composing, and she hopes to hit one million soon. The sort of substance she sets up incorporates cosmetics, moving, lip-matching up, and parody recordings. Presently, she attempts to transfer two to four recordings consistently.


In any case, it’s the live gushing that profits. Clients can film themselves progressively for their adherents to watch, and afterward supporters can send them virtual endowments. These are then changed over to money.

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