The Funniest (But Understandable) Reasons Real People Ended Their Relationships

You know there’s no science when one of you doesn’t understand you’ve been dating.


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This was Crispin. Crispin was someone I knew when I was a child. We reconnected at a reunion when we were teenagers. He contacted me after and we started to hang out. I thought it was great because he was really generous and kept taking me for meals and buying takeaways then we would watch cool films together. One night I was sitting watching a film with him and he started stroking my leg and back. It was then I came to the chilling realisation that we had been dating this whole time. I immediately panicked and texted my friend to pick me up. As I left he went in for the kiss. I gave him my cheek. He was persistent and went in again. I gave him my other cheek. He tried a third time. I grabbed him in a hug and ran away. We never spoke again. #ithoughthewasagenerousfriend #notouchingplease #clueless #friendzone

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This poor person. They dated for briefly before she understood what was going on.


Think about constantly we’d spare if all individuals were as forthright and legitimate as Robert!


Wouldn’t dating be less complex?


“You do realize I will act insane before your companions since I’m unreasonable, possessive, and envious. Simply need to ensure we’re in agreement.”


“I will send you spontaneous photos of my private parts.”


“I will never be dedicated.”


“I just date folks named Rick since I as of now have a Rick tattoo.”

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