Thai Kitten Born With Two Heads Faces A Fight To Survive

A small little cat is contending energetically to remain alive subsequent to being brought into the world with two heads.


The feline was conveyed by means of cesarean area in Ratchaburi, focal Thailand, last Monday night (9 December) and expected CPR to endure the primary snapshots of its life.


Presently, the little feline – or would it be a good idea for it to be felines? – is in a fight to remain alive.


The proprietor, 52-year-old Chabaprai Nilpet, portrays her wonder pet as a ‘four leaf clover’. She’s even given it two names. She’s called them Ngern and Thong, which interprets as cash and gold.


Fundamentally, Chabaprai came all the way back on Monday night to discover her feline Snow was experiencing issues conceiving an offspring.



The Persian feline had just brought forth one solid cat, however there were as yet two more to come and her proprietor surged her off to see the vet to get everything sifted through.


Snow has just had four litters of little cats, yet – maybe obviously – this is the first occasion when that she’s brought forth one with two heads.


Anyway, the vet played out a crisis c-segment and brought the two-headed little cat into the world.


The feline, which just has one heart and one lot of lungs, needed to get CPR since it was so frail. Incredibly, they kept it alive and she’s currently at home with her sibling and sister.

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