Scientists Say Obesity Can Become a Contagious Disease

Scientists from Harvard Medical School have gained the most exceptional ground in their hypothesis that weight can spread from individual to individual. T







hello have been breaking down a gathering of 12,000 individuals for 32 (!) years and have arrived at this resolution: if your companion puts on additional weight, all things considered, you will put on weight as well.


For what reason are these investigations supportive? Researchers feel that this information can help in the improvement of better approaches for battling stoutness. The point is execute the standards of good dieting in gatherings — not independently. As to regular daily existence, their investigations demonstrate an old basic truth that we as a whole know: it’s in every case better to shed pounds (or do whatever else) in the organization of companions.





What’s your opinion about the aftereffects of these examinations? Is it conceivable to “get” weight from a companion? Reveal to us your conclusion in the remarks.

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