Robert Pattinson’s Full Batsuit And Batcycle Revealed In Photographs From Set

The forthcoming Batman reboot gave fans a little look at what’s to come in the wake of shooting for the new film occurred in the Glasgow Necropolis burial ground:


The photos and video film additionally implied we got a gander at the Batsuit that Robert Pattinson will step into and furthermore the Batcycle.


As of not long ago, we have just had the option to appropriately observe the suit from the shoulders to the cover, however these recently discharged snaps show Pattinson’s double on the bicycle cruising along.


In them we can see substantially more of the Caped Crusader’s clothing and it’s positively getting fans siphoned.




One fan with blended sentiments stated: “I am so fortunate to be from a city that The Batman will be shot in however I am not very secure with Robert Patterson being Batman. #TheBatman #Batman #Glasgow #Scotland #RobertPattinson”.


Another additional: “Reason no. 13942 to cherish Scotland and Glasgow. Hero motion pictures get shot here and next one is the new #Batman! Glasgow to Gotham…. Imperial Infirmary to Arkham Asylum.”

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