People Are Sharing the Dumbest Thing Their Significant Other Has Ever Done

In any event they attempted.

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Attempted to make prepared potatoes in the microwave just because.


Enclosed them by tinfoil.


Came to ask me for what valid reason there were lightning jolts in the microwave and for what reason was it getting hot.


– john_wb


That would be a truly strange name for a road.

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We were driving one day and were halted at a red light. She’s taking a gander at a sign and the accompanying trade happens:


Her: “What an imbecilic name for a road!”


Me: “Huh? What road?”


Her: “Bone Marrow Drive? Who might name a road Bone Marrow Drive?”


It was an indication for a neighborhood bone marrow drive that would be occurring, not the name of the road. We despite everything talk about it right up ’til the present time.


– TheRedGiant77

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