Mum Finds Out Murdered Daughter Had Been Swapped At Birth


A mum says she discovered the young lady she had raised for over 10 years had been swapped during childbirth. To make the story significantly increasingly lamentable, the mum possibly discovered when the young lady she raised was killed after she was apparently explicitly manhandled by the lady’s better half and his sibling.


Police say they have at long last had the option to understand the 2011 homicide of 10-year-old Yana Alexandrova and have captured her stepdad’s sibling 55-year-old Oleg Akhtiyainen.



It has since happened she had been explicitly mishandled by her stepdad for quite a long time.


Criminologists in Russia have said Yana’s more seasoned sister Alina, 21, had likewise endured long stretches of sexual maltreatment because of her stepdad Yury K.


Yury has now been condemned to 13 years for the assaults.


Yana’s body was found dumped in a woodland in Russia and was recognized by her garments.


In any case, a resulting DNA test indicated that Yana and her mum Elena Alexandrova were not naturally related and an examination was propelled into how that could be.


Police have since built up that when Yana was an infant, a misunderstanding in the medical clinic implied she returned home with an inappropriate individual.


Elena’s organic girl has since been found and is being raised by a caring family who were additionally totally ignorant of the swap.


Elena has been told she can’t see the young lady until she is 18 and isn’t challenging the choice as she wouldn’t like to cause ‘trouble’ to the young lady, as per a companion.


Elena recollects the lady who is bringing up her organic youngster, as they were put close to one another in the clinic.

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