Haunting Photos of People in Their Final Moments Before Death

Artist and on-screen character Jenni Rivera and her staff get onto a plane at Monterrey International Airport.



Their little stream smashed, executing everybody ready. The reason for the accident is as yet obscure.


Tuqa Razzo, 21, the prior night she was slaughtered in a US airstrike that destroyed her home in Mosul, Iraq.



The prior night she passed on, her family facilitated a get-together at her home. She lit a sparkler inside and her dad chastened her and advised her to head outside, it was risky to have a sparkler in the house. That night, their home was hit by a US airstrike. Tuqa, her mom, auntie, uncle and cousin were executed. Just her dad endure.


Shannon Nunez snapped this picture before hopping from a precipice.



Nunez was doing whatever it takes not to end it all. She was in Hawaii at a spot well known for bluff plunging. Subsequent to bouncing off this bluff, she got trapped in the current and suffocated.


Baseball star Roy Halladay presented this photograph on Twitter only a couple of hours before his demise.



Halladay had quite recently obtained a plane and took it out for a trip over the Gulf of Mexico. He was the main individual in the plane when it smashed, executing him. The Phillies and the Blue Jays, baseball crews for which he played, resigned his shirt numbers in his respect.

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