Haunting Photos of People in Their Final Moments Before Death

Two companions posted this selfie on Facebook. Soon thereafter the young lady on the left choked her companion with the belt she is wearing in the photograph.



Cheyenne Antoine claims she has no memory of choking her companion Brittney Gargol following a night of substantial drinking. Be that as it may, Gargol’s body was found by the belt Antoine is wearing right now. Antoine confessed to murder and was condemned to seven years in jail.


Minutes after this photograph was taken, this Vietnamese lady and her youngsters were killed by US troopers in the My Lai Massacre.



Somewhere in the range of 347 and 504 unarmed Vietnamese regular people were executed by US troopers in South Vietnam on March 16, 1968 in the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War. The officers shot ladies, youngsters, pets, and domesticated animals during the slaughter. Just one fighter was ever sentenced for the terrible atrocity.



The Norwegian mountain climbers were endeavoring to ascend K2, the second most noteworthy mountain after Everest, when a torrential slide cleared Bae off the mountain. K2 is the second most risky mountain to move after Annapurna. Around one out of each four individuals who endeavor K2 wind up kicking the bucket during the ascension.


Robin Haynes Fisher, a British mountain dweller, posted this photograph of himself to Instagram just a single day before passing on Mount Everest.

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Completed oxygen training which we will use in the so called death zone, above 8000m. I have 8 bottles, each weighing 4kg when full that the Sherpas have thankfully already shipped up the mountain to our advanced camps. Tomorrow we head up the mountain, leaving at 3am. We are going to bypass camp 1 and go all the way to camp 2. I can expect a 13 or 14 hour day of climbing. From camp 2 the plan is to go up to c3 for an acclimatisation climb and then return to c2. Depending on how the summit window looks, what the other teams are doing and how I feel I may then descend to basecamp to complete acclimatisation and return up the mountain later or may go for my summit push. A summit push will mean a return to c3, spending the night, proceeding to c4 and either spending the night or pushing for the summit that evening. It depends on how we feel, the weather and what the other 380 climbers are doing. As most expeditions average 1 to 1.5 Sherpas per climber we need to pick a day when there are not a few hundred other people heading for the summit. Due to their being one set of ropes their are a number of bottlenecks at tricky points. Standing around in a queue of a hundred people when with the windchill can be -40C is a recipe for frostbite or worse. When I was waiting to see the doctor in base camp yesterday to get the all clear to go up the patient before me had just come down the mountain. He had, at altitude, taken his summit mitts off to change the batteries in his headtorch. These 2.5 minutes had caused him stage 3 frostbite in his fingers and the prognosis was that he may lose the tips of his fingers. A timely reminder to keep my gloves on at all times. #everest #everest2019

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The climber made it to the highest point of Mount Everest in Spring 2019, however kicked the bucket of elevation disorder in transit down.

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