Haunting Photos of People in Their Final Moments Before Death

This is the last picture of Dan Wallick, a dad of two, who kicked the bucket climbing in Colorado.



He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force.


This is the last photograph of Steve Irwin, two days before his passing.



Irwin kicked the bucket in 2006 from a stingray sting.


Incidentally, stingrays were one of the least hazardous animals Irwin, who got renowned for wrestling crocodiles, cooperated with every day.



It’s unbelievably uncommon for a stingray to murder an individual. Beside Irwin, just two others have passed on from stingray stings in Australia over the most recent 50 years. Irwin was executed simply because the stingray happened to hit his heart and he seeped to death, a unimaginably appalling monstrosity mishap that left Irwin’s significant other and youngsters without their better half and father.


The last photograph of Paige before she was killed.



The 7-year-old was executed in 2003 by her dad in a homicide suicide that additionally ended the life of her mom.

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