Haunting Photos of People in Their Final Moments Before Death

This is the last picture of Thai jumper Saman Kunan.



The Thai Navy SEAL jumper kicked the bucket attempting to spare the 12 young men caught in a cavern submerged in 2018. The young men were in the long run spared, thanks to a limited extent to Kunan and his group’s courageous exertion.


A Reddit client posted this photograph of his grandpa hours before his passing.



The client’s granddad found a good pace new grandson directly before he kicked the bucket.


This is the last photograph of vocalist Aaliyah.



Aaliyah passed on August 25, 2001 of every a plane accident off the bank of the Bahamas. She was taping a music video in the Bahamas at that point and was making a trip back to Miami with her group.


The plane smashed soon after departure.



An observer asserts that before the flight, Aaliyah her group convinced the pilot to accept more freight than the plane could hold and that weight could have made the plane accident.

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