Haunting Photos of People in Their Final Moments Before Death

A climber presented this photograph on Instagram before tumbling to his demise.



A multi year old climber fell 1,000 feet to his demise while endeavoring to climb Flatiron in Boulder, CO. He didn’t have any climbing gear with him.


This is the last image of all the Humboldt Broncos.



14 of these mentors and players were slaughtered in an accident in Saskatchewan on their way to a game.


Paul Walker gets into the vehicle that he will crash.



Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were slaughtered in 2013 out of a solitary vehicle crash when their vehicle slipped off the street and into a solid lamppost.


Last picture of a lady at her child shower. She passed on five days after the fact in an auto collision.



Reddit client humblecrab says, “We had been so occupied of late we hadn’t hung out in weeks. I recall her kissing my cheek and disclosing to me we would hang out next Saturday and go throughout the day together messing around and our typical Chinese supper dates. She resembled child powder since she simply changed her child’s diaper. Her red KVD lipstick spread on my cheek according to regular. She kidded about “getting this damn outsider out of me” so she could go out to the bar with me for her first time. She kicked the bucket that next Friday.


She had been griping about inclination compressions, her mom and I accept she had a stunning withdrawal, perhaps started giving birth, or possibly her water broke. Who knows? Whatever occurred, she swerved violently while driving and slid into an utility pole and kicked the bucket immediately.


I miss you so without question. You assumed the greatest job for a time of my life and I will consider you generally.”

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