Haunting Photos of People in Their Final Moments Before Death

Last photo of Jolee Callan before her ex shot and slaughtered her and afterward pushed her off a bluff.



Multi year old Jolee Callan went for a climb with her exboyfriend in the mountains of Alabama. Her beau shot and slaughtered her at that point tossed her body over a precipice, in the wake of posting a few photographs of her on Instagram including this one. He turned himself around the same time, and demanded that the two had a suicide agreement that he couldn’t finish subsequent to killing Jolee. Her family opposes this idea. He was condemned to 52 years in jail.


PSA Flight 182 falls to the ground subsequent to slamming into another plane in air.



The plane accident occurred in 1978 over San Diego. The plane slams into a little airplane that was taking off kilter. Each of the 135 travelers and group were slaughtered alongside 7 individuals on the ground and the 2 individuals in the plane it hit. The slammed annihilated 22 homes.


MMA contender Rondel Da’twaun Clark plays out a weight cut that will bring about his demise.



He kicked the bucket from serious lack of hydration and kidney disappointment in the wake of attempting to cut load for a battle.


The youngster holding the jug was killed by pack individuals soon after this, the evening of his 21st birthday, December seventeenth, 2017.



Tragically, this man wasn’t associated with groups by any stretch of the imagination. He was simply trapped in an unlucky spot. Our sympathies are with his lamenting family.

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