Haunting Photos of People in Their Final Moments Before Death

A photograph of Tupac Shakur before he was shot and murdered.



Tupac was shot and murdered in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996.


A fire engine hurrying to the area of 9/11.



All of six the fire fighters in Ladder 118 kicked the bucket sparing individuals in the World Trade Center.


A man runs into a consuming likeness at Burning Man.



Aaron Joel Mitchell ran into the consuming structure during the Burning Man celebration in 2017. It is indistinct why he did this. He didn’t have liquor or medications in his framework, as indicated by toxicology reports.


This photo was taken by a multi year old young lady from her dad’s plane just minutes before it slammed during take off.



Jon Buerkett, Dana Buerkett, Morgan Buerkett and their two pooches passed on in the plane accident after a whirlwind brushed it off kilter during take off.

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