Haunting Photos of People in Their Final Moments Before Death

These photographs portray individuals in their last minutes or hours before death. They are for the most part fantastically heartbreaking.


Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his significant other on the day they were killed by Gavrilo Princip on June 28, 1914.



This death is frequently refered to as one of the significant forerunners that prompted World War I.


A matador minutes before being killed by a bull.



Spanish matador Victor Barrio, 29, was murdered on live TV when he was gutted by a bull named Lorenzo during a bullfight.


A volcanologist examining Mount St. Helens 13 hours before the well of lava’s impact killed him.



David Johnson was a multi year old volcanologist who was the first to report the ejection of Mount St Helens in Washington in 1980. He was murdered not long after revealing the emission regardless of being 6 miles from the spring of gushing lava. He was hit by a horizontal impact, when a fountain of liquid magma ejects from it’s side rather that it’s summit.


Writer Kim Wall sheets the submarine of Peter Madsen. Madsen would later murder and eviscerate Wall on board the submarine.



Divider was composing an anecdote about the submarine Madsen had manufactured. During an excursion together, Madsen killed Wall, eviscerated her, and sank her body parts adrift before being saved from his sinking sub, which specialists accept he intentionally sank.

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