Google Earth: The Mystery Behind The Areas They Don’t Want You To See

The Volkel Air Base, Netherlands




There’s entirely a persuading hypothesis behind this one. The previous Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Ruud Lubbers, asserted that there are 22 US atomic bombs at this site. They are put away in the fortifications of the air bases that element there. This incorporates B61 atomic bombs and a gadget said to be multiple times as ground-breaking as the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.


Mr Lubbers highlighted in a National Geographic narrative and stated: “I could never have figured those senseless things would in any case be there in 2013. I think they are a totally silly piece of a convention in military reasoning.”


Keowee Dam, South Carolina




Lake Keowee gives hydroelectric power just as being a urgent hotspot for cooling water for Oconee Nuclear Station (ONS), a 2,538 MW atomic power creating office.


In any case, trick scholars are not persuaded. The Daily Mail revealed that one specific scholar shouted: “For what reason would they need to conceal a store? Could be the way that the dam helps run the Oconee Nuclear Station.


“Whatever the potential hazard under control, somebody doesn’t need us to see it; straightforward as that.”

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