Google Earth: The Mystery Behind The Areas They Don’t Want You To See

Without Google Maps, I would be in a bad way. I use it to get basically all over. In any case, in the event that I needed to utilize it in North Korea, for instance, I’d get no opportunity. Not permitted.


This is truly normal information, yet did you realize that there’s an entire heap of better places that are esteemed so mystery they’re closed off the site as well?


Unfortunately, we don’t have a clue WHY. This is the most disappointing thing. In any case, there are some phenomenal speculations. Additionally, the odd paranoid fear. Which I love.


Here’s the rundown that initially set up together:


Pacific Northwest, USA



This specific model shows the dubious HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) site. In spite of the fact that the ‘look into office’ was closed down in 2014, intrigue scholars still converse with this day about what really occurred there.


Authoritatively, it was an exploration program financed together by the U.S. Flying corps, the U.S. Naval force among others. Evidently, its motivation was to break down the ionosphere.


Many idea that HAARP was intended to control the climate, albeit some have pushed further and said it was a UFO test site.


In any case, you can’t look at it since it’s passed out.


The Secret City, Russia




This is extremely unusual, nobody knows why this zone of Russia is obscured out. In any case, in 1986, specialists closed many urban communities and towns – huge numbers of them with populaces of in excess of a million.


Some had strange numbers appended to their names including Krasnoyarsk-26, Tomsk-7 and Arzamas-16. As indicated by, the last was accepted to have been home to a province of atomic architects who ‘put a conclusion to Americas atomic imposing business model’.


Could this be one of the mystery urban communities?

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