Comedian raises $200,000 to send bullied 9-year-old with dwarfism to Disneyland after he appeared in a heartbreaking video

Mr Urquhart recommended his children, eight-year-old Cooper and two-year-old Carter, could become friends through correspondence with Quaden.


‘They’re cheerful, go fortunate children. They love sport, they love individuals a great deal,’ Mr Urquhart clarified.


‘In the event that they could assist this with joking in some way or another, so he doesn’t hurt himself, feel alone.’


Mr Urquhart said getting a letter via the post office once a fortnight from his companions in Sydney could be one approach to help Quaden.


‘[It’s] something to anticipate,’ he said.


‘It could be cool. In the event that he had an unpleasant day, his mate in Sydney kept in touch with him a letter.


‘We could go up there and meet him some place. For whatever length of time that it’s helping the child’s life and helping him be glad.’


Mr Urquhart trusts Yarraka and Quaden see his proposal and that the two families can be placed in contact with one another.



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