Comedian raises $200,000 to send bullied 9-year-old with dwarfism to Disneyland after he appeared in a heartbreaking video

Ms Bayles said her ‘solid’ child needs others to know how he feels and never again needs to ‘endure peacefully’

‘You have companions, me notwithstanding’: Fellow on-screen character Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays scalawag ‘Negan’ in The Walking Dead, additionally connected with Quaden on Twitter


A year ago Quaden’s mom told the Courier-Mail that he initially attempted to execute himself three years prior when he was only six.


‘I was so stunned. I sincerely didn’t figure he would even recognize what or how at six years of age,’ she said.


The mother, an Aboriginal rights extremist, said her child has made a few endeavors to end his own life.


‘I’ve disclosed to him that once you go, there’s no returning, you’re gone always, however he despite everything continued difficult,’ the mother said.


She additionally said Quaden has been influenced by the demise of his granddad and his more youthful relative, who was stillborn.


‘He thought on the off chance that he went to paradise, at that point he’d be with his Pop and his younger sibling,’ she said.


She told the paper she was pleased that she had spoken freely about requesting help.

In a family message, Quaden’s mom Yarraka said she was meeting with the suitable gatherings to stand firm against harassing


Father-of-two Jarrod Urquhart disclosed to Daily Mail Australia the ‘horrendous’ video made him need to help Quaden and his family.


‘I’ve viewed [the video] and figured: ”How can I help?”,’ he said.


‘Makes me extremely upset to see him so irritated.’

‘If you get bullied, just stand up for yourself and don’t listen to what they say’: Brave nine-year-old who was bullied because of his dwarfism speaks out – and issues a PERFECT piece of advice to other children

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