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Thousands Of ‘Penis Fish’ Wash Up On A Beach In California

In a surprising and somewhat startling unforeseen development, a great many odd little animals called ‘penis fish’ have washed aground at Drakes Beach, California.


In case you’re asking why these critters are known as penis fish – well – simply view them and choose for yourself whether it’s an adept title.


Otherwise called the fat owner worm, which again feels like a not too bad enough name for them, it is imagined that the odd marine creatures washed shorewards on the Pacific US coast after they were hauled from the profundities by an ongoing tempest.


Truly, there’s heap of them.



Fundamentally, the explanation it’s called a landlord worm is that they live in little underground tunnels that are u-formed, and become homes for different animals once the worm leaves.


They’re around 10 inches in length, and – as should be obvious – they’re f***ing gross.


Especially on the off chance that they’re done for by the thousands on a sea shore to be picked over via seagulls.


Truly, it is ideal the winged creatures are there. Envision the smell following two or three days.


Researcher Ivan Parr found the ‘penis fish’ appeared on the sea shore on December 6, a couple of days after an especially fierce tempest.

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