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The 28 Most Awkward Moments We’ve Ever Experienced

Say thanks to God for AskReddit. AskReddit resembles playing a round of Never Have I Ever, aside from you’ve never done any of the things individuals are soliciting, and the entirety of your companions are mental cases. Alright, so perhaps not in the least like never-have-I-ever. In any case, we deviate.


As of late, client OmarFromtheWire2 requested individuals’ most clumsy stories, and we arranged our top choices for your understanding delight.


Prepare. It’s going to get humiliating.

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So twist into that ungainly ball you know and love, since this initial one is a genuine doozy.


The Parental Secret

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I’m going to go for dinner with my mother’s new beau, she’s 50. I didn’t have a clue about my folks were separated.


– JustDax2341


The Third-Wheel Gone Wrong

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I was driving, third Wheeling with a mate and his better half and the split up after a substantial contention during supper, before the motion picture. I needed to drive them to their own homes and I dropped the young lady off last and got an entire ear loaded with what my amigo resembled to her.


– The_CreamPaisano

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