‘If you get bullied, just stand up for yourself and don’t listen to what they say’: Brave nine-year-old who was bullied because of his dwarfism speaks out – and issues a PERFECT piece of advice to other children

‘Just watched your message, so dismal watching what your experiencing, sending my adoration from Scotland,’ included another.


‘Hello Quaden I simply need you to realize you are astounding… Considering you and sending heaps of affection your way from London.’


‘Sweet kid. You are excellent, you are commendable, you are brilliantly made, you are adored. You have companions in California.’


Ms Bayles, an Aboriginal rights dissident, said her child has made a few endeavors to end his own life


Hugh Jackman likewise stood up after the recording of Quaden turned into a web sensation on the web.


‘Quaden, you are more grounded than you know, mate,’ Hugh said in a video imparted to his 14 million Twitter devotees.


He included: ‘And regardless, you have a companion in me.’


Ms Bayles shared the video openly on Facebook in an offer to bring issues to light about the effect of harassing.

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