‘Bikini Hiker’ Falls From Mountain and Freezes to Death

Exceptional climbing is quite serious. For certain trips, enthusiastic preparing and appropriate rigging is required. It can take a long time to set yourself up for a climb. At the point when you’re truly scaling the side of a mountain, it’s critical to know about your environment, dressed appropriately and avoiding potential risk. In any case, at times crack or unfortunate mishaps happen.


For a lady named the “Two-piece Hiker,” this was tragically the situation.


36-year-old Gigi Wu got renowned on the Internet for climbing mountains and afterward taking pictures of herself in a two-piece. She tumbled to her demise in Taiwan, falling in excess of 65 feet close Mabolasi Mountain in Nantou County. She was on an independent strategic, alone along the hilly landscape.


As indicated by the Taiwan News, Wu made a call by means of her satellite telephone on January 19. She was calling for help after she fell and experienced wounds her fall. But since of terrible climate, The National Airborne Service Corps couldn’t find her.


They utilized Black Hawk helicopters multiple times to attempt to discover Wu.

However, the climate was poor to such an extent that they couldn’t find her, in spite of her misery call. In the end, specialists discovered her body near where she had decided.


Nantou County Fire Department discovered Wu’s body after they chose to look by walking.

Wu rang the local group of fire-fighters, clarifying that she got caught in the wake of falling. As indicated by Commander Lin Cheng-I of the local group of fire-fighters’ Third Squadron, Wu’s misery call was made at around 5,577 ft above ocean level.


While Wu was caught on the mountain, the temperature changed definitely.

As indicated by reports, the temperature dropped to around 35 degrees. Agents trust Wu kicked the bucket from hypothermia.


The climate was fierce to such an extent that the salvage group was holding up until conditions improved before moving her body.

Wu accumulated a remarkable online life following. She ascended a few mountains in Taiwan, and would consistently present in swimwear regardless of the stature or climate.

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