9 Celebrities Who Were Killed by Their Own Fans

At times being a fan is something other than a side interest. It can turn into a fixation. Also, for certain fans, fixation can prompt something much more awful: murder.


Lamentably, VIP stalkers are not a remarkable occasion, and every so often they turn lethal.


These superstars were mercilessly killed by the individuals who should think about them the most: their fans.


Andrés Escobar was killed after he cost his group the World Cup.



Andrés Escobar was a Colombian soccer player.


In 1994, he coincidentally scored an objective on his own group in a World Cup coordinate against the United States which got them disposed of from the competition.


After five days, Escobar was drawn closer by a gathering of men who shot and killed him.



The men were furious about the possess objective Escobar scored in his group and obviously killed him as discipline for costing their nation the World Cup.


Supposedly after each fired, the shooter hollered “Gol!” in reference to the shot he scored on his own group.

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