8 Types Of Accessories Men Should Know About While Styling For Ethnic Wear

6) Stole –


NO! They are not only for ladies. Indeed, even men can wear it and display it easily. A took is only a bit of material folded over the neck. They are bright and can be matched with any outfit.

Took is made of light material, so bearing it your neck wouldn’t be quite a bit of an issue. Some of them are single hued like dark, white, red, and so on and these look tasteful when combined with the correct sort of outfit.

You can wear it around a Kurta, Jodhpuri Jacket or suits, Shirts and it looks entirely OK and kinda gives you that directing look in the group. Wearing a took will make any outfit look ethnic and they can be pulled off in style.




7) Turban –


Turbans assume a significant job in the wedding season. Everyone needs to wear a turban, however just barely any skill to wear it in style. Turbans are again a fabric that goes about as a head gear. It’s many feet long as it must be worn on the head.

These days there are instant turbans that come (makes things simpler really) and it can legitimately ben set on the head.

Turbans may look straightforward yet in the event that you attempt various varieties and blends of shading, at that point, it will change your recognition about turbans. Praise your clothing with various and differentiating hued turbans or attempt botanical structured turbans which will make everyone’s eyes turn towards you.


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