60 Years After Her Husband Went Missing, Woman Finally Gets Some Answers

She had questions and was prepared to at last start requesting answers consequently. She would guide her as a matter of first importance question toward none other than the US Military… Beginning with… Where on earth was her significant other?



Not Buying It


Because of Peggy’s request, an official military discharge was sent from Supreme Headquarters in Allied France, which expressed that First Lt. Harris had come back to the United States on leave.


While, clearly, this news was desirable over the past story she got from the Army, Peggy realized that something simply didn’t appear to be correct.


As indicated by the Army, Billie was apparently home, yet he had not reached a solitary individual from his whole family?



Red Cross Your Fingers


While Peggy needed to accept this news and wanted that she could so effectively be persuaded of Billie’s security, she was likewise never one to happily stick her head into the sand of numbness.


So Peggy reached the neighborhood Red Cross to ask about any unidentified injured officers abroad, and to check whether military medical clinics could be reached to help with finding or distinguishing her significant other.


“I was advised not to be concerned, that no uncertainty he was being ‘prepared,’ perhaps at some military emergency clinic,” Peggy reviewed.



Not Alone


Peggy recollected how confident she and Billie’s folks were that he was to be sure some place close.

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