60 Years After Her Husband Went Missing, Woman Finally Gets Some Answers

“The lady said that the individuals in Normandy needed to have a motorcade and service and she welcomed us to come. She guided us to set the date, and we set it for Easter of 2006.”



The Long Road Home


While visiting Normandy, Peggy really wanted to see the name of the fundamental street in the community of Les Ventes, Place Billie D. Harris.


When a year, town individuals walk down the road to pay tribute to First Lieutenant Billie Harris and have done as such for as far back as 60 years.



Saints Never Die


Peggy’s persistent quest for the fact of the matter is a demonstration of her significant love and steady pledge to her better half, Billie.


After just a month and a half of marriage and 68 years of scanning for her missing spouse, Peggy at long last knows reality.


Billie’s life is recollected and his courage regarded on American soil and abroad. His grave at the Normandy American Cemetery (just as Memorial Hill) is the “most improved grave in the entirety of Normandy.”



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