20 Times Military Women Showed the World How Incredible They Are, Both in and out of Uniform

This Aviation Ordnanceman’s flight way is on target to significance.

Geena Sidhu has been serving ready for deployment in the US Navy for a long time. The Aviation Ordnanceman is moving in the direction of her Bachelor’s certificate in Political Science and plans to finish a Master’s qualification in Homeland Security also. Geena would like to add to the counterterrorism network after her administration in the Navy.


She likewise adores tacos.


This Medic Airforce Veteran and Model will revive you after her excellence makes your heart skirt a beat.

Charissa Littlejohn is a US Airforce Veteran, Medic, and model with a Master’s qualification in Healthcare. At 5’11 inches tall, Charissa depicts herself as one “tall ass model.”


Charrisa might be a model on the catwalk, yet she additionally happens to be a model resident.

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