20 Times Military Women Showed the World How Incredible They Are, Both in and out of Uniform

This present Sailor’s excellence and dauntlessness are above board.

Shannah Williams is a US Navy Corpsman from Missouri. Her preferred side interests incorporate working out, contending in two-piece rivalries and climbing.


This keen and athletic US Navy Air Traffic Controller is going the correct way.

Erin is at present training for deployment as an Air Traffic Controller in the US Navy and is positioned out of San Diego, CA. The 23-year-old is bilingual, plays the cello and adores Star Trek.


Erin shares on Curves N Combatboots:


I love pushing my body to its physical points of confinement and seeing what it is truly equipped for achieving. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to some time or another contend as a Crossfit competitor!

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