151 Healthy Habits That Will Transform Your Life

One Small Positive Thought in the Morning can change your whole day. ~ Dalai Lama


  1. Start getting up prior.


  1. Complete this sentence to begin your day.


“I love myself since I ___________.”


  1. Put on your Gym Clothes.


  1. Go for a 20-minute stroll promptly toward the beginning of the day.


  1. Exercise before jumping in the shower.


  1. Do heat up before the exercise.


  1. Be a Yogi and give some Yoga presents.


  1. Contemplation is basic.


  1. Accomplish all the more Stretching.


  1. Lift somewhat heavier today.


  1. Remember to do a few pushups.


  1. Monitor your every day progress in your preparation log.


  1. Let chill off your body after the exercise.


  1. Use froth roller that causes you recoup from your exercise.


  1. Have a hot Epsom Salt shower for 15 minutes to loosen up muscles.


  1. Remember to floss.


Solid Physical Activities!



Physical wellness isn’t just one of the most significant keys to a solid body; it is the premise of dynamic and innovative scholarly movement. ~ John F. Kennedy

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