15 Unbelievable Modern Fairytale Village must see Once in your Life

Ever felt like mysteriously vanishing into motion picture screen or pages of story book to investigate the amazing excellence of an advanced fantasy town? It may appear to be difficult to you, yet it really isn’t.




Regardless of whether child or grown-up, who doesn’t adore the amazing perspectives on fantasy manors and great landscapes? Since, the magnificence of our Globe isn’t restricted, from the nature’s marvels to the man-made sky, Earth has such a great amount to offer past our contemplations and creative mind. On the off chance that you are a marvelous explorer or keep enthusiasm for noteworthy landmarks, these must visit fantasy towns are more than ideal for either vacation, family trip or in any event, for solo voyaging.


Let us move our enchantment wand, and take you to these inconceivably bewitching present day fantasy towns to have investigate your trip of extravagant, in actuality.


Abracadabra… here you go.


Present day Fairytale Village Names


  1. Colmar, France



This well-safeguarded Alsatian town, isn’t just near nature yet the rainbow hued houses, calm elegant trenches, side walk bistros appears to be a Disney princess town. It is known as ‘the most wonderful town in Europe’. The Belle’s town from the motion picture ‘Excellence and the Beast’ was likewise motivated by Colmar. The little Venice, Colmar has an a significant assortment of design styles with a touch of Germany, France and Italy. Guests ride the splendid green “Le Petit Train” that travel through the whole town or take gondola that buoy in the waterways to get an interesting perspective on Colmar.

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