10+ Celebrities Who Used To Be Hot But Then Aged Horribly

Barbara Streisand


Barbara Joan Streisand is an artist musician, entertainer and movie producer who has won two Academy Awards, ten Grammy Awards, and five Emmy Awards. After a more than effective singing profession, she wandered out into film and had the same amount of accomplishment.


Despite the fact that she has eliminated appearances, the star is as yet a solid supporter has given and helped raise a great many dollars to environmental change, cardiovascular research and ladies’ privileges. She may not look as delightful as she was the point at which she previously began however she has a heritage for music being drafted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.


Kathleen Turner


Ascending to distinction in the mid 1980s after her job in Body Heat, turner was viewed as a sort of sex image all through the 80s and mid 90s. In any case, those days are a distant memory now, with both Kathleen’s profession and her attractive features going down the channel.

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