10+ Celebrities Who Used To Be Hot But Then Aged Horribly

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan (brought into the world 1986), began as a darling entertainer, artist, model, chief and maker. Throughout the years, she’s gone from Disney star to substance misuse and recovery. In a meeting with Oprah she opened up about everything, from recovery, prison, and in any event, when she needed to go to prison.


“Abnormally, being in my enslavement and having all the mayhem around me that I was so alright with — some place inside me, I sort of needed to go to prison. That was subliminally being put out there by me. I think it was simply to discover some harmony, to have some an opportunity to simply sit and be. It was unnerving. Simply observing my mother and my sister’s face in that court — and my father, I simply recollect this surge of warmth coming over me and not recognizing what’s in store.”


Carrie Fisher


Carrie Fisher was conceived in 1956. She’s most popular for her job as Princess Leia from the Star Wars films. Carrie Fisher was determined to have bipolar turmoil and had a dependence on professionally prescribed medicine. She expounded on his issues in her 2008 diary Wishful Drinking and even discussed it with Matt Lauer on the Today appear.

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