10+ Celebrities Who Used To Be Hot But Then Aged Horribly

Britney Spears at that point



At the point when it came to pop princesses of the noughties, Britney Spears was at the highest point of almost everybody’s rundown. The youngster shot to distinction when she recorded the singles Baby One More Time, trailed by Oops!… I Did It Again, which immediately ruled the world. Following quite a while of singing into our hairbrushes, the majority of us had dreams sooner or later of growing up to turn into the princess of pop ourselves. Britney even stowed Justin Timberlake; the twofold denim was couple objectives.


Britney Spears today


After the well known head-shaving minute in 2007, Britney has had an undeniable and open battle to advance back to the top. Our dearest artist has been in and out of recovery throughout the years, just as battling to see her youngsters. Despite the fact that the battle was long, Britney seems to have come out the opposite side. Tragically, the long stretches of celebrating mean this 36-year old has matured more than others her age. The pop-princess unmistakably flies into the plastic specialist for visit hostile to maturing medicines and botox infusions. It is by all accounts helping, Brit!

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